• Sandra Raes Oklobdzija

The opening class: discussing curriculum

Updated: May 24

This January, in the penthouse of Kaaistudio's, The School of Two-Sided integration held an opening class. In a smal circle of chosen experts I presented my artistic project and my five-years research plan. Under the title THE SCHOOL OF TWO-SIDED INTEGRATION I will be organising duel’s, panel’s, 1:1 interactions and similar events, all resulting in participatory tools and authentic materials. Collected materials will form a base for installations, essay-film and a performance and they all will be, in one way or another, concentrated around contemporary integration processes practiced in Belgium.

The project consists of The School a participatory research processes where locals and ‘other locals’ engage in diagnosing the problems around integration and then correcting those problems by knowledge-sharing, re-thinking social responsibilities, and re casting social roles and positions.

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