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Public Secrets - revealing is relieving

This isn't a complaint - I wouldn't dare. This is a public secret that I would like to share with you. It has been enough for me to always have to show an understanding for mini-aggressions, for polite aggressions and sectoral push-backs.

Inclusion, Diversity, Polyphony, Fair practice, Fair pay, Artists central...we want this for everyone; we all say we want it! We wrote many texts, opinions, memorandums and open letters about this, but it remains on the level of complain and yet little action. Instead, we gossip, speak behind each-others backs, exclude, put forward our prejudices... we like to do this, don't we? It is easy and often exciting! Difficult at the times, but not a disaster either! We all do it from time to time. But now has maybe been enough? Maybe it is a time to work out an 'implementation plan' instead of writing one more text. Let’s roll up our sleeves! Let us reveal those public secrets that are al to long in the way! This is an open call that could make a difference

Work titel: 100 complains over the art sector.

Write it all down. Your secret is safe with me.

What are Public secrets?

An sequence of an interview with the intelligent algorithm:

A public secret is information that is widely known within a particular group or community, but is not formally acknowledged or openly discussed by the larger society. Public secrets are often taboo or sensitive topics that are kept hidden for various reasons, such as social stigma, fear of retribution, or a desire to protect those involved. Public secrets can be found in many different contexts, and they often relate to issues of power, privilege, and social norms. For example, within a particular community, there may be a public secret about a person's illegal activities, a family's financial struggles, or a group's involvement in a controversial issue. Public secrets may be kept hidden for the purpose of preserving reputation, avoiding conflict, or maintaining social cohesion. It is important to note that public secrets are different from official secrets, which are protected by law and typically relate to national security or other matters of public interest.

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