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Social disorientation - staged and performed

Updated: Feb 27

When it comes to migration and social care of migrants in Belgium, one could easily mis-think that the mechanismes of integration, orientation and basic help are truly functioning. There are numerous organisations and agencies that are operating around this subject, consequentially employing locals to teach non-locals how the society functions. Differentiation is often not applied and classes are often obligatory.

Duel #1 De Maker -

The Creator

In a framework of The School of Two - Sided Integration a talk between Wouter Hilaert & Khalid Koujili took place. Throught that duel in GC De Markten we were invited to witness an overall disorientation caused by 'many possibilities'. By creating external circumstances (noise, mouvement etc.) the idea was to show that, just as Wouter and Khalid that evening, also migrants are often expected to be able to 'use' the possibilities that are given to them even they have other needs; do we need to be 'grateful' for all those 'possibilities' we have in Belgium? Even if their quality is questionable; even if they are often 'socially - empty' and actually tailor-made for locals leaving migrant 'empty-handed'.

Later that evening, I brought up a question Who is the creator addressing not only the performing arts sector where both, Khalid and Wouter, work within, but also the broader 'social stage'. To see more, klick hier.

​​From above described setting, you could also understand that The School of Two-Sided Integration operates empirically while the end-task is creating of shared social experience that is seen as a precondition to social change.

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